A new perspective on Paul

The studies on the Pauline texts in recent years has yielded many diverse results. There is no lack of material on Paul's writings. which isn't surprising when in the late 1960s the Lutheran theologian Krister Stendahl published a paper challenging the Lutheran and reformed understanding of Paul's letters in the testament. Stendahl argued that the interpretation of paul’s theology does not fit the text. He suggested revisiting the texts its self without imposing the modern western ideas on the bible. In 1977 E.P Sanders published Paul and Palestinian Judaism which is a study on Jewish literature and Paul’s writings, He also argued the Lutheran interpretation of Pauls's writing to be incorrect. Thus began what is now known as the new perspective on Paul. Termed by the N.T Wright, The former Anglican Bishop of Durham. He also wrote many publications popularizing the “new perspective” on Paul.

Some of the main discussion in the new perspective on paul is ideas on Geek interception of words like pistis(πίστις: meaning: belief, faith, faithfulness, or trust.) and the relationship to Jesus Christ, another is the works of the Law regarding the pagans and Jewish in Christianity. Most popular of all the subject on Grace vs favor(Charis) the new perspective presents the greek word Charis translated as Grace in traditional Christian circles as inaccurate but should rather be translated as a favor. This changes the idea of Grace being an unmerited free gift of God that can never be re-paid to, a favor done by God that demands repayment. In all, the new perspectives bring many ideas back on the table for discussion, and they're all very interesting. This was my lesson for the week.

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