Advice on this Paul of Tarsus Course

Temiloluwa Adeniyi-Ipadeola
2 min readDec 16, 2020

(1) What worked for you, and why

Make some time for reading, I recommend 2–3 hours each week to read and think about the material before writing each medium post. You should also listen to the podcasts they are actually very enjoyable.

C.J. is a very kind Dude he is your best friend in this course. I wished I had more time to make the weekly meetings. If you cant complete an assignment just send him an email and he’ll find a way to help.

(2) what didn’t work for you, why, and what you’d do differently

The reading assignments can be overwelling so don't wait until the last minute to read them. trying to read and write your medium post at the end of each week.

(3) what advice you wish you received back when you started this course 14 weeks ago

Read every weekly assignment as they come up. Never Procrastinate it will leave you stressed.

(4)what was your favorite part of that class that you’re excited for future students to be learning about too?

The life of Pauls is an adventure, the fact that he is such a notable figure even today should be enough for you to have an interest in this course. You will be exposed to much Scholastic work on him but I encourage you, the best and most invaluable primary source is your “good o” bible from your grandma. Read that joint! new and old testament then try to figure things out yourself. keep an open mind. You are here in college to learn how to think. Don't be thought what to think.

GOD bless.