Completed Course on Paul of Tarsus

As a reflection on the knowledge gained on the life and ministry of Paul of Tarsus. I would describe my education on Paul’s ministry to be horizontal rather than a literal one. A wealth of knowledge I have gained on the scholarly perspective on Paul. The more articles, papers, and podcasts I read over the course of the semester the more I noticed all scholars have their own unique perspectives on Paul. This is not to say that there aren't common conclusions on specific events in the life of Paul or what letters have been attributed to him. Instead, there are more nuanced individual arguments made. This adds a wealth of unexplored perspectives. The narrative can be told and retold from many different prospective. As a result, although the text never changes, how we have come to understand Paul's life seems to be dynamic and fluid. The Christian tradition is no longer the first option. Ideas like the New perspective on Paul are considered a possible Historical understanding of the life of Paul. Another important idea worth mentioning is how Paul's writing is currently being interpreted in light of our society's social norms and morals values. Ideas like Paul being a misogynist or homophobe in letters like 1 Corinthians and Romans are head by many respected Scholars. These are views not really explored in the transitional setting of a church service. It is only in the Academic Institutions that one can gain exposure and explore these new perspectives on Paul. Overall this course has been of tremendous benefit to my education but nothing of previous education of the life of Paul has been touched. it’s only contributed to my secular education at the University.


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