Paul’s Ethics Distinctively Christian?

“Paul really believes that when his gentile converts were baptized into Christ, they put their faith into christ that should then having been filled with spirit just behave properly without needing any extra exaltation or advice.” NT Pod 43.

I thought this statement was interesting, the week dealt with Paul’s ethics in a broad sense. From marriage to righteousness, and other topics underneath the subject. Paul’s ethics were not distinctively Christian in fact that's the most important thing about Ethics, its that it is almost universal. almost. Paul was a Jew and Judaism has a very serious adherence to the law which is an ethical standard. Many of Pauls's teaching on ethics in the new testament would be consistent with the ethic teaches of the torah. It's really interesting that pretty much cultures on the planet would consider laying with another Man’s wife or stilling his property from him to be unethical. The same way many of Paul’s teaching was universal ethics. The quote above is a different story, it has its fallacies. If Paul was starting a new religion, it would be idiotic for him to think his members and followers won’t need to be educated, encouraged criticized, and everything that comes with being a religious leader. It is propositus to think that as you are going to college to learn, all your professors believe they don't have to do any teachings or give any explanations all because you believe in the educations system enough to attend. If that were the case both Paul and the professor are useless and wouldn’t have a job for long. Instead, Paul's exaltations are for what ought to be done as a result of his followers' beliefs. “since you believe A, it should reflect in your practical life B.


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